Give your kitchen what its been searching for.”

At UCHICOOK, we are dedicated to paving the way for easier and more seamless cooking experience with our innovative approach to household kitchenware. 

We generate ideas by focusing on improving the customers actual experiences doing common household tasks. To make a real difference in their lives, we continuously examine the small hints and details. Our attention to design, functionality, and innovation provides you, our customer, with nothing but the highest quality products made in Japan. 

We believe that each UCHICOOK product will be surely the one that encourages you to create healthy meals in the easier and more seamless way at home.  

Head Office:

2-8-3 Shimada, Sanjo,
Niigata Prefecture 955-0842

Tel: +81-256-35-1211
Fax: +81-256-35-0341

About the Manufacturer


Founded in 1946 in Sanjo, Niigata prefecture, Japan.  Since the 1800’s, Sanjo is historically known to produce high quality metal products. In such a prominent region, AUX is renowned for our products craftsmanship. AUX’s long standing reputation has made UCHICOOK one of the leading kitchenware brands in Japan.