Just One Cookbook x Miso Muddler

Our Miso Muddler (Measuring Handy Whisk) was picked as the favorite kitchen tool of Nami who’s the founder of Just One Cookbook.


Nami has been one of the most popular Japanese Youtubers/bloggers based in San Francisco showing us how to make authentic Japanese recipes easily in your own kitchen.


She shares in one of her latest Youtube videos the reasons why the whisk is a must-have item for those who love cooking Japanese recipes 🙂

She partnered with us and we did the worldwide giveaway of Miso Muddler. Thank you Nami! And a big congratulations to the luckiest 10 winners who won the item!!

Stay tuned with us and Nami for tips and recipes leading you to the happy & healthy lifestyle!


Who knows, we might do another giveaway together 😉 !

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