Fish Catcher

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The uchicook Fish Catcher has a wide head that comfortably and securely holds and turns over fish or thick meats. It can be locked and unlocked with one hand and won’t take up space when being used or stored. Made in Japan.

  • Securely holds fish, broiled and boiled without it falling apart.
  • A perfect fit for the ridges of the STEAM GRILL and ones of your grill pan.
  • Lock and unlock with one hand.
  • The head is raised off the work surface to avoid messy contact, so you can set it down anywhere.
  • The super soft spring makes it easy to control.
  • The material of the head will not scratch or damage your pan and is heat-resistant up to 482F.
  • The handle is made of single plate of stainless steel: easy to clean!
How to use
  1. Dishwasher safe.
  2. Do not leave in heated pan.



Head: 66 Nylon + Glass Fiber

Handle: Stainless Steel

Made in Japan

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4.33 × 1.50 in

Black, Red


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