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This Serving Knife simultaneously lets you cut food to your desired size and scoop food to serve right at the table. You can use it both as a knife and a serving spoon, making it a convenient addition to your dinner table. Made in Japan.

  • Cut with the side part, scoop and serve on your table.
  • The knife part is well sharpened by Japanese craftsmanship.
  • Wide round surface for easy scooping/serving.
  • Hung-on hole for easy storage.
  • Stylish body makes an accent on any kind of tabletop.
  • The satin finish stainless steel is not only attractive, it makes scratches less visible.
  • Food Safe
How to use
  1. Dishwasher safe.
  2. Do not put the product in the mouth.
  3. Do not store in a humid place or leave salty or acidic food residue on the product.


7.9″x2.4″x2.8″ (20.1cm x 6.1cm x 7.1cm)

Stainless Steel

Made in Japan


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