UCHICOOK Stainless Steel Cooking Utensils 3-piece Set

$ 58.60


This set is a limited-time holiday special! Included in the set: fingertips server tongue, grated gold spoon, and strainer jade. All stainless steel.

  • Fingertip Server Tongs : The special curved tongue makes it very comfortable to deliver. It also has a soft spring action achieved by our unique processing technology that allows you to use it at ease.
  • Grated spoon : Zest, grating, a solid bottom spoon for performing all in one operation. Use it to grate and stir ginger into your tea for a healthy and flavorful cup of ginger tea. You can grate as many spices as you need.
  • Strainer Ladle : Save time by scooping and straining at the same time. Use it as a regular ladle and tilt immediately to tension. Ideal for talking soups and stews.
  • made in Japan. This set will be a perfect gift for those who love cooking!


* This product is excluded from the Black Friday sale.  




fingertip server tongue: 8.27 ′ ′ × 2.05 ′ ′

Grated spoon: 6.5 “x 1.57”

Cooker of strainer: 11.22 “x 3.15”

stainless steel

made in Japan



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