UchiCook’s Steam Grill steams and grills food at the same time, which prevents essential nutrients from being stripped during the cooking process and shortens cooking time. Once grilling is complete, simply add water to the ridge surrounding the grill and place the lid on for trapping the steam inside. The double powers from grilling and steaming shorten your cooking time by 1/3 and make your dish perfectly juicy and tender. The high quality Japan-made surface is non-stick and easy to clean, which allows you to cook without oil. The thick plate distributes heat evenly and retains it for quicker cooking. The stay-cool handles ‘heat-resistance is up to 482 F. It can be used over direct flame, IH, or any other source of high-heat.

It is very clear to check inside with the glass lid. Also easy to storage in your drawer when it is placed upside down.




Steam + Grill: Simultaneously steam and grill by adding water surrounding the grill pan, make your dish perfectly juicy and tender.

Shortens Cooking Time: By trapping high-temperature steam, Steam Grill heats your food        efficiently and significantly cuts cooking time.

Healthy Cooking: The slick, ribbed surface requires no cooking oil and drains excess grease, making your meals leaner and healthier

Easy to Clean: The diamond fluororesin coating on the plate is easy to wipe clean, and prevents burnt residues from sticking.

Thick Plate: The thick plate allows heat to be distributed evenly and retains it, maintaining the high temperatures needed for quicker cooking. PFOA FREE.

retains nutrients and umami


When you boil the ingredients, the nutrients are lost to the water.
By steaming, the STEAM GRILL lets the ingredients retain their nutrients, while by grilling, it draws out their UMAMI (tastiness for the fifth taste sensation).
It lets you enjoy the real flavour of the ingredients and absorb the nutrients efficiently.



  • Article Nr: 60-1016-05(Black)/60-1016-20(Red) Steam Grill Glass Cover

  • External dimensions: 15.75”W 8.46”L 3.1”H (40.5cmW 22cmL 7.9cmH)

  • Cooking surface: 8.66W 6.22”L (22cmW 15.8cmL)

  • Weight: 3.83 lb

  • Body:Aluminum alloy (Bottom: o.53” thick)
    (Inside surface: PFOA free fluororesin film coated)
    (Bottom: Steel thermal spraying coating)

  • Body handles/lid handle: (Red)Melamine resin / (Red) Phenolic resin (heat resistant to 284 degrees F)

  • Lid: Fully tempered glass, stainless steel

Compatible Heatsources:


*Not compatible with certain models of Induction plates


By adding water to the ridge surrounding the grill, the STEAM GRILL simultaneously cooks and steams food to perfection. This enhances the juiciness of your food. The 13mm-thick aluminium plate retains heat and grills food to perfection.


Shortens the cooking time

By trapping the high-temperature steam, STEAM GRILL heats the food efficiently and shortens the cooking time.


STEAM GRILL Cooks your food soft and juicy

When overcooked, fish and lean meat such as chicken breast become hard and dry. With the “steam + grill” method, moisture is retained in the ingredients while grilling, resulting in soft and juicy fish or meat.


Diamond infused coating

The surface of the STEAM GRILL is made with diamond particles that resist scratching, making it guaranteed to last for a long time.


The ribbed plate drains excess grease

The ribs on the grill allow the grease to drip into the surrounding gutter, reducing the fat in your meal and allowing for healthy cooking.


Minimizes smell
and smoke

Steam-grilling with cover on allows you to enjoy cooking fish without worrying about filling your kitchen with the smell or smoke.

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